Our clinic implements careful and responsible approach to diagnosis of the state of health of the expectant mother and her baby. We make use of the expert class ultrasonic equipment – ultrasonic scanners GE Voluson E8, Samsung UGEO WS 80A and HM70A.

The advanced scanning technologies enable to get a clear image required for high quality examination of the fetus and the surrounding anatomical structures. Also, by request of the parents, the ultrasonic specialist may show 3D colour pictures to the parents and video of the baby in 3D/4D mode, and save them on a data medium (DVD). Pictures and video can be sent to a cell phone with the aid of Hello Mom function (supported by Android only; such application developed by Samsung can be installed on Your cell phone free of charge).

US diagnostic specialists are licensed by the International Fetal Medicine Foundation for performance of prenatal screening, they possess extensive experience and continuously improve their knowledge and skills in accordance with the world sonography trends. In “Gameta” Medical Centre a special complex prenatal screening with the use of “Astraia” diagnostic program (Great Britain) is performed – this examination includes extensive ultrasonic screening, blood analyses for PAPP-a and HCG and acquisition of personal details required to compute risks of chromosome pathologies of feta and gestational toxicosis with pregnant women.

You can apply to us if You want to confirm early pregnancy (to 11 weeks), and pass a prenatal ultrasonic screening in the 1st trimester so as to determine the risk of the fetus chromosome pathology (11.5 — 13.5 weeks), and in the 2nd trimester so as to make expert assessment of the fetus anatomy (18 — 21 weeks). In order to specify the diagnosis at any pregnancy period, our specialists make assessment of the anatomy and condition of the fetus as well as peculiarities of the pregnancy.

Our specialists are ready also to make ultrasonic diagnosis of the pelvic organs in non-pregnant women, check kidneys, urinary bladder liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen, female breasts and thyroid.