ANTI-AGE program in gynecology

Anti-age medicine is one of the contemporary advanced clinical studies which reflect conceptually new approach to human health. The basic principle of the anti-age medicine is to reveal conditions and diseases that precede aging before its manifestations or at the early stage of their development, prevention of such conditions and diseases and their comprehensive treatment aimed at retardation of the entire organism aging.

An individual program is developed for each patient. Development of the anti-age program starts from examination and diagnosis of the overall health.

Expected effects:

Improvement of the general physical and metal health.
2. Improvement of life quality.
3. Normalization of sexual life.
4. Improvement of skin appearance.
5. Disappearance of flashes and vaginal dryness.
6. Prolongation of female youth.
7. Ego boost.
8. Normalization of memory.
9. Normalization of blood pressure.
10. Enhancement of the body tonus.