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Коробова Ольга Васильевна
Коробова Ольга Васильевна

Olga V. Korobova

20 years work experience by the specialty

Top-level obstetrician-gynecologist

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Main lines of activity

  • Now deals with colposcopy, early diagnosis and treatment of the uterine cervix pathology;
  • Treatment stages of the uterine cervix pathology, laser vaporization and radio wave treatment method;
  • Treatment of urogenital infection, virus load of the organism, reconstitution and treatment of the endocrine profile;
  • Consulting of spouses regarding planning for pregnancy and diagnosis methods and treatment;
  • Individual selection of contraception methods and restoration of female fertility;
  • Approaches to women going through early menopause, menstrual disorder after 40+.

About the doctor

From 1992-1995 GKB No. 10 worked. Since 2003, she worked in the city center for family planning and human reproduction. Since 2011, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the cervical pathology cabinet at the Gameta Medical Center. Total work experience 26 years.


Graduated from Odessa Odessa National Medical University  in 2001