Cardiotocography in “Gameta Medical Centre is made with the aid of a Sonicaid Team unit which precisely and reliably monitors fetus condition beginning from the 24th week of pregnancy and enables to get a computerized assessment of the examination results.

Cardiotocography (CTG) is a method of functional assessment of the fetus condition during pregnancy and childbirth based on recording of the heartbeat frequency and its changes depending on the uterus contractions, external irritants or activity of the fetus itself.

Nowadays cardiotocography is an intrinsic part of the complex assessment of the fetus condition along with the ultrasonic examination and Doppler measurements. Such observation of the cardiac activity of the fetus extends considerably the fetus diagnostic possibilities both during pregnancy and at childbirth, which allows of effective solving the problems and defining the rational tactic of childbirth process.

Cardiac activity of the fetus is recorded by means of a special ultrasonic sensor. This sensor is attached to the front abdominal wall of a pregnant woman where the fetus heart tones are heard best of all. The sensor generates an ultrasonic signal which is reflected from the fetus heart and is sent back to the sensor. Electronic system of the cardiac monitor converts the recorded changes in the intervals between individual heartbeats of the fetus into the instant frequency of its heartbeats and computes the number of beats per minute at the time of the examination.

Common cardiotocographers available in maternity homes and women welfare centres of the city make it possible to assess CTG from the 32nd week only. It is considered that by that time there is already a link between the cardiac activity and mobile activity of the fetus which reflects functional possibilities of its several systems (central nervous, muscle and cardio-vascular systems). By the 32nd week of pregnancy the fetus cycle “activity-rest” is also established. At that, the average duration of the active condition comprises 50-60 minutes, and the rest condition is 20-30 minutes only. The earlier CTG (since the 24th week of pregnancy) is possible with the aid of the Sonicaid Team class equipment only because it allows of getting reliable diagnosis of the fetus condition.

Indications for CTG

  • Burdened obstetrical anamnesis: perinatal losses, retardation of the intrauterine growth, risk of premature childbirth, etc.
  • Diseases of the pregnant woman: hypertensive disease, diabetes, kidney diseases, systemic diseases of the connective tissue and vessels.
  • Pregnancy complications: Rh immunization, gestational toxicosis.
  • Multifetal pregnancy.
  • Delayed birth.
  • Decreased activity of the fetus noticed by the pregnant woman.
  • Retardation of the intrauterine growth.
  • Hypamnion.
  • Pathological findings when making US examination of placenta.
  • Congenital defects of fetus development.
  • Dynamic examination in case of previous pathological CTGs.
  • Blood circulation disorders in the mother-placenta-fetus system recorded at Doppler examination.

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