Planning for pregnancy is an essential component of the conscious parenting which main task is to prepare the married couple for conception of a healthy child.

Conception of the child is a natural physiological process, however, planning for the desired pregnancy makes it possible to avoid many health problems and enhances chances for birth of a health baby. Currently an increasing number of couples have a very responsible attitude to planning for pregnancy and are very serious about it. During pregnancy and birth a female organism is under considerable load on all vital organs.

That is why in order to bear and give birth to a healthy child, it is necessary to get prepared for pregnancy in advance, it can be started a half year before or several months before the expected conception. It pays to revise Your lifestyle, think about the diet and possible harmful habits, and pass a special examination.

If You visit the Maternity Welfare Centre of «”Gameta” Medical Centre You will get here a professional consultation of the obstetrician-gynecologist who will give You all necessary recommendations. During initial attendance the gynecologists will make a thorough examination and clarify all aspects of the reproductive sphere of the partners’ activity.

In our multifunctional laboratory You can pass essentially needed examinations and make laboratory analyses. After getting the results, an individual plan for preparation to pregnancy will be developed. An additional visit to specialized professional may be needed so as to decide whether a preconceptional multivitamin supplementation for the couple is necessary. Maternity Welfare Centre of “Gameta” Medical Centre closely cooperates with all gynecological institutions and obstetric in-patient facilities.

“Gameta” Medical Centre renders effective medical assistance along such lines as planning for pregnancy in cases of miscarriage and fetal loss syndrome, planning for pregnancy in case of thrombophilia, planning for pregnancy for men and planning for pregnancy and modern methods of contraception. In the reproduction section of “Gameta” Reproductive Health Medical Centre You will get a complete package of medical assistance concerning infertility of the married couple. The healthier the potential parents are, the higher is the probability that the child bearing process will be normal and a healthy baby will be born.

“Gameta” Medical Centre is the best choice of professional high-class doctors ready to give You specialized medical assistance.