«Лазерное вагинальное омоложение, уменьшение влагалища, лечение сухости влагалища и недержания мочи (Juliet)»

About “Gameta” Medical Centre

Reproductive health is an integral part of general health. You will be able to preserve and improve it by applying to specialists of “Gameta” Medical Centre”.

In achieving this noble task You will get every kind of assistance of the advanced equipment and full range of diagnostic techniques, comfortable conditions and cordial staff.

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Planning for pregnancy

An expecting mother should be prepared for giving birth to a healthy infant to the maximum extent.

Infertility treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility: with women and men

Molecular genetic

laboratory Modern laboratory

Maternity welfare centre

Individual programs

Prenatal diagnosis

Comprehensive prenatal diagnosis

Ultrasonic diagnosis

This is a painless and effective examination method


Conservative and operative

Esthetical gynecology

Intimate rejuvenation

ANTI-AGE Program

Anti-aging programs

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