Infertility means inability of the mature female organism to produce offspring. Infertile are 15% of married couples; in 50% of cases there is the male infertility, and in 40% – female infertility; in 10% the infertility causes may not be established.

Diagnosis: Infertility in Odessa is not a verdict. “Gameta” Reproductive Health Medical Centre successfully treats both male and female infertility.

Degrees of infertility

Female infertility is classified into primary and secondary.

Primary female infertility (infertility 1) means a disease of women who were not pregnant before provided they have led a regular sexual life with a healthy man without use of contraceptives for one year.

Secondary female infertility (infertility 2) means female impossibility to become pregnant though they have been pregnant earlier irrespective of the outcome of such pregnancy.
Female infertility is due to congenital anomaly (malposition or underdeveloped internal genital system) or results from diseases of genitals (tumour, inflammation, etc.).

Causes of female infertility:

Endocrine infertility (30-40%). Endocrine infertility symptoms are: disorder of the ovum maturation process and absence of ovulation. The causes may e: damage of the reproductive system at various levels (hypothalamus-hypophysis-ovaries) and dysfunction of the other endocrine glands (adrenals, thyroid) that result in hormonal changes in the genital sphere.

Tubal infertility

Tubal obstruction frequently occurs with women who had inflammation illnesses (gonorrhea, chlamidiosis, salpingitis, endometritis, etc.), operations on the pelvic organs, abortions, etc. Adhesive processes that caused tubal infertility do not allow an ovum to reach the uterine and get normally fertilized there, which inevitably lead to female infertility.

Infertility related to gynecological pathology: endometriothis, uterine fibroid and endometrium pathology. Inflammatory diseases of genital organs are the main causes of female infertility. Sexually transmitted infectious diseases, particularly if they develop asymptomatically and pass into a chronic phase, lead to female infertility. Female infertility can also be caused by such infections as chlamidiosis, gonorrhea, etc.

Immunologic infertility is linked to the formation of anti-spermal antibodies in the female organism that destroy spermatozoids.

Idiopathic infertility or infertility of unclear genesis. In about 5% of couples we fail to find anatomic and functional defects of the reproductive system with the use of accessible diagnostic methods.

Absolute sterility. Female sterility may be absolute when due to various reasons a female either has no genitals at all (uterine, ovaries) or has gross congenital abnormalities. Practically one half of sterile women have a combination of several factors that lead to infertility.

Diagnosis of female infertility in Odessa

Diagnosis of female infertility

In “Gameta” Reproductive Health Medical Centre female infertility diagnosis is checked at first application of the patient and it is done painlessly and quickly. In doing so, concurrent infectious urogenital diseases and the causes of such disease can be revealed. Primary diagnosis is aimed at identification of the main cause of infertility. After the infertility cause has been established, an additional examination can be assigned which helps to develop the tactics of female infertility treatment.

Infertility treatment methods

Treatment of sexually transmitted infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases.

Treatment of the endocrine infertility.

Normalization of the menstrual cycle.

Stimulation of ovulation.

Preparation for IVF. Extracorporal fertilization.


Intrauterine insemination with the husband’s or donor’s sperm.

Treatment of immunological infertility.

Advantages of treating infertility in “Gameta” Reproductive Health Medical Centre 

We treat infertility of all kinds: primary infertility, secondary infertility and female and male infertility.

Thorough diagnosis.

High percentage of successful pregnancy and birth of a healthy child.

Besides treating infertility we also treat concurrent diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of female infertility is a complicated and long-time process that requires patience and sense of purpose from both spouses. High competence and professionalism of “Gameta” Medical Centre doctors working in these fields make it possible for infertile couples to find their happiness. Book an appointment to a gynecologist-fertility specialist by phone 738-68-69.

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